The Merchants of Death

Welcome to the Merchants of Death business collaboration web page, hosted by The Espresso House.

A Brief Histoire:

    Merchants of death was an epithet used in the U.S. in the 1930s to attack industries and banks that supplied and funded World War I (then called the Great War). The term originated as the title of a book by H. C. Englelbrecht and F. C. Hanighen, Merchants of Death (1934), an exposé. The term was popular in antiwar circles of both the left and the right, and was used extensively regarding the Senate hearings in 1936 by the Nye Committee. 

    The Senate hearing examined how much influence the manufacturers of armaments had in the American decision to enter World War I. 93 hearings were held, over 200 witnesses were called, and little hard evidence was found. The Nye Committee came to an end when Chairman Nye accused President Woodrow Wilson of withholding information from Congress when he chose to enter World War I. The failure of the committee to find a conspiracy did not change public prejudice against the manufactures of armaments, thus the popular name "Merchants of death".

In Reference to the Movie:

    “The MOD Squad” from the movie “Thank you for Smoking,” is a Mastermind Group of 3-6 complementary professionals who meet regularly to discuss business issues, exchange ideas, and get support. Nick, the main character designs this ingenious business plan to create The Merchants of Death, which is made up of lobbyists for alcohol and guns.

Our Short Story:

    Despite the background of the name, The Merchants of Death LLC is being created as a powerhouse economic partnership heading innovative technologies, and ethical business practices. The only thing our “MOD Squad,” has in common with the original conspiracies, and movie plot, is that we are a collaborative partnership of businesses… for now.

    Our partners currently include MOD Transport Industries, O2.0 Clean Air Intiative, Smoking and Joking Club, The Espresso House, Top Trends.