About The Espresso House

Our founder, Tylor Miranda grew up in a small California town, situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, called Grass Valley. One of his favorite places in the historic gold rush city was Caroline's Coffee Roasters. He loved popping in to enjoy a warm breve on snowy afternoons, and sitting down to discuss current events with the friendly locals.

After Ty got out of the military, he wanted to recreate that warm, cozy, great smelling environment for everyone. So, he founded The Espresso House. His passion for the craft of high quality, specialty coffee has paid off, as he's recreated the signature chocolaty, velvety espresso he was so fond of as a child. Now, he wants to share this luxury experience with you.

The name The Espresso House was easily chosen, as the roasting business started in Ty's house, where he happily serves anyone a rich, hand ground, hand pressed breve.

Ty has a dream to one day revolutionize the coffee industry. The Espresso House locations will bring top quality specialty coffee to every major city, cleaner coffee that's roasted, at each location, the same day that it's served, a fair wage to every coffee farm worker through direct trade agreements and direct investments in sustainable farms, an end to child labor on coffee farms, putting farmer's children in school, a new coffee house experience with hand pulled coffee on beautifully machined, manual espresso presses and attentive customer service, comfy ergonomic seating, a simple, fully explained menu, and of course an outlet at every single seat in the cafe.

With your your purchase/donation he is one step closer to reaching this dreams. Help him create the perfect espresso experience for everyone! Donate here.

"So, what's the deal with the swans? It's a beautiful logo, but what do swans have to do with coffee?" We get that all the time, and honestly it's a great question, that we love answering! Our founder wanted to achieve three things with the company's logo:

  1. He wanted it to be timeless and memorable. Like, gleaming white subway tiles, The Beatles, thank you notes, and red lipstick, the ever representative heart of two swans, and The Espresso House name, are simple, and ever representative of our company.
  2. He wanted to create an immortal piece of art that represented his mother, Odette, who believed in his entrepreneurial spirit through thick and thin. Odette is the name of the Swan in the story of the Swan Princess, so naturally he chose swans.
  3. He wanted the emblem to imbue the love that The Espresso House puts into each of their products, and every coffee that is served to Ty's guests.