#endchildlabor on Coffee Farms

"Mainstream media outlets and consumers have been understandably quick to take note of the benefits chocolate and coffee offer. Yet most American consumers are ignorant to the mounting evidence indicating that the laborers whom they have to thank for cultivating these products are being grossly exploited, live in spiraling poverty, and, in some cases, are modern-day slaves. Quite simply, much of the coffee and chocolate improving our health is simultaneously jeopardizing the freedom and lives of hundreds of thousands around the world including many children." Jeff Noll Independent Journalist

We started using #endchildlabor after learning that it is not uncommon for children of poor farmers and coffee pickers to work on the plantations as soon as they are old enough, and to never receive a formal education. With your donation, we become one step closer to ending child labor on coffee farms.

Fair Trade is the name given to a voluntary program utilized by coffee importers and food companies to create an alternative market for traditionally disadvantaged producers in developing countries. Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence that the increased price paid for fair trade products actually filters all the way down to the farmers and farm workers. Instead, most of that money is simply earned income for retail coffee roasters and shops.

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Through our supplier, we purchase only "Farm Gate Coffee."

Farm Gate Coffee is the name our supplier gives to our direct trade coffee buying program. Farm Gate Coffee means a price is directly negotiated with the farmer "at the farm gate." The prices paid are above Fair Trade minimums, and with Farm Gate coffees it is verified that the fair price paid makes it to the people who do the work, and are responsible for the great cup quality of our coffee. Farm Gate is a simple principle that allows coffee producers to make premium prices in reward for coffee quality, and to reinvest to improve quality even more in the future. 

We guarantee that Farm Gate prices are 50% over Fair Trade (FT) pricing, but often they are 100%+ more than "Fair Trade" minimums.

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Your donations go toward supporting our future direct trade agreements, which allow coffee pickers to send their children to school, instead of to the fields. Thank you for your donation, and God bless you.

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